How Do I Delete A Facebook Group? – Facebook Delete A Group, Login FB

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How Do I Delete A Facebook Group happen to be that one very question most people have been longing to get an ANSWER to and trust me when I say that this article today will be showing you all that.

How to Delete Group On Facebook is a process in which you must understand that you can’t come and say “Facebook Delete A Group“. And this brings us to this question below

What is a Facebook Group?

Facebook Group is a platform created by any Profile Owner for different individuals to connect and share the same view like Relationship Tips, Scholarship Update, Dating Update, Latest Music Download Site, Business, etc.

Irrespective of why a FB Group is created, the idea is for Individuals to share their common interests and give their opinion on issues or purpose of the group. Nevertheless, one thing you must know is that Facebook communities are actually free for anyone to join, but NOTE that most groups take time to accept your request

Who can Delete a Facebook Group I Created?

How do I delete or archive a Facebook group are different things but, it is very important you know about things so as to know what you are about to do. Like you must know that Creating a group is free and simple but only accessible to individuals that have a profile on the platform (Facebook Account).

And talking about Deleting Group on Facebook, you will also have to understand that not everyone can delete Facebook Group, that is to say, that you will need to be the Admin of the group in other to delete a Facebook group,

However, it is also important you know that you can as well Delete An FB Group with Facebook Mobile App or from the official web site which is popularly known as or

How to Delete Group On Facebook Account

To Delete a Facebook Group is easy and fast if only you know the right steps to follow, but then, you also have to understand that you will have to Sign in Account first in other to proceed to your Facebook account deletion.How Do I Delete A Facebook Group? - Facebook Delete A Group

So before we proceed to answer a question like “How Do I Delete A Facebook Group”, let quickly check below to learn how to Login Facebook account if in case you really don’t know how to login FB profile. Account Login

To Login Facebook Profile, you will have to make sure you know your phone number or email ID and password in other to quickly login to your profile with this below guide. So to sign In

1. Visit Facebook App from your device LEARN MORE or access your browser and enter Facebook official URL at

2. After which the Facebook Home page has opened, then enter the details of the account such as phone number or email ID and password

3. Finally, click on the “Login” button to load the profile on the device.

So this is how you can proceed to log in to your Facebook account without taking any time. So check below to see how you can then proceed with the Facebook group deleting.

How Do I Delete A Facebook Group? (Facebook Delete A Group)

How To Delete a Group on Facebook, first thing first, remember that only an Admin of a group can delete the group. So as a Facebook Group Admin below is the complete guide to delete a group.

STEP 1. From your account Newsfeed, tap on Groups and then select the group you want to delete.

STEP 2. Hit on “Members” from the left side.

STEP 3. Select each member in the group and hit on the gear or dots icon.

STEP 4. Select “Delete Member” to start removing the members from the group.

STEP 5. Once you’re done removing the members, equally remove yourself from the group.

LEARN MORE: How to Delete Your Facebook Account, Group, or Page

At this point, the group would disappear from the platform immediately. Remember also that you can as well use the comment box below in dropping your opinions or asking for other related question for best solution.

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