How To Close Yahoo Mail Account | Yahoo Mail Deletion Page

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The basic steps to Close Yahoo Mail Account are easy, just as you can access the Yahoo Mail Deletion Page, But there are some things you need to consider before carrying out the steps which we will be given to you in this article. When you delete your account, you will lose your Yahoo identity and the Yahoo Mail Account itself as well as your access to your Flickr account, if any.

Whether you own a Yahoo Mail Account in any part of the country, there is only one way to close or delete your account when you no longer want to use it and it has been given in this article. When you delete your account also, the contents of your Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Contacts, Business Mail services, my yahoo settings and more will be lost.

If you have any paid services, it will also be deleted along with your account, endeavour to verify you have no active premium services before you carryout the account closure. Do you need me to tell you more about deleting your account? Well, If you fall into any of the mentioned categories below:

  • Yahoo Mail Pro Customer
  • Aabaco Small Business Customer
  • Flickr Pro Customer
  • Fantasy Sport User

Then make sure to withdraw any remaining balance prior to deleting your Yahoo account because you will no longer be able to access your wallet. Having said that, you will need access to the account you want to delete and that implies that your Login details must be provided. You will need your Email Address and the password in accessing it, then can you be able to access the account deletion page.

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How To Close Yahoo Mail Account | Yahoo Mail Deletion Page

As long as you are ready to close your account, the Yahoo Mail Deletion page is available to you, See the steps to delete your account below:

  1. Simply Visit this Sign in to the Yahoo account termination page.
  2. Enter your email address and click on Next
  3. Then Enter your password and click “Sign In”
  4. Read the information on terminating your account displayed on the page
  5. Then Click on continue to delete my accountHow To Close Yahoo Mail Account | Yahoo Mail Deletion Page

With the steps above properly taken, then your account will be deleted after the set time let say approximately 30 days. But if your account was registered in Australia, India or New Zealand then it is approximately 90 days and for Brazil, Hong Kong or Taiwan, it is approximately 180 days before it will be deleted.

If you have any question on this method to Close Yahoo Mail Account. Then feel free to relate with us by using the COMMENT BOX Below.

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