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To create Youtube channel name for your business or personal life is easy as A, B, C, D, and following the steps given here is one right way to get started. You can enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. But before then, you have to create a account.

What do you really want your channel to be about? That is one of the questions you will ask yourself before you embark on creating your channel name. Will it be a comedy, just like the popular Mark Angel Comedy, or travel & tours, What about dance or tutorials?

Well, it all depends on what you have passion for. Just like when on create a website to start teaching people what he or she really loves doing. That’s how it is with Youtube, that particular thing you have passion for, that you won’t get tired anytime soon, let it be what you want to in to.

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Creating a Youtube Channel name means you are ready to get started with youtube and that means that you are ready to create a lot of video ideas. also, you should make plans on how to stay consistent with your video uploads.

Youtube channel name is the official name for your channel, it is what people will know you with. Infact, it describes what your channel is all about.

Your channel name is what people search for if they want to see your uploads, it also appears on your videos and channel page. So you might want to think twice before choosing a name for your channel. If you are pursuing your creative passions, connecting with your audience, and sharing your stories begin with creating your channel with the name.

Requirement To Create Your Channel Name

First of all, you will need a GMAIL Account. So if you haven’t created a Gmail account yet, you can do so by reading his Steps To Create A Gmail Account Fast. In using the Youtube channel name, the Gmail email account is recommended because when you will want to monetize your platform through Google AdSense, you won’t be able to do so with other email providers.

Also, you will need a very good internet connection, then the name you want to use for your channel. So without much ado, read on to see the basic steps in creating your channel name.

Official Youtube Website

In as much as you can create your channel name from the Youtube official app, the website for Youtube is and you can visit it from your mobile or PC browser to successfully create your name.

How To Create Youtube Channel Name

Follow the steps below to create your channel name on Youtube.

  • Go to the official website of Youtube at and click on your Gmail profile picture (if you have a profile picture attached to your Gmail). If you are not logged in to your Gmail account from the PC, then click on Sign In at the top right side of the page after visiting to sign in to your Gmail account.
  • After that, you will see a drop-down menu, click on Create a channel, and select “Get Started” on the next page.How To Create Youtube Channel Name | Sign Up
  • Then choose how to create your channel name from the options displayed (You can use your name or use a custom name) by clicking on Select.
  • Fill the details required, which includes the name of your channel and verify your account. Then click on Done

After you are done creating your channel name, you can add your channel description using the steps below.

How To Add Youtube Channel Description

  • Go to and on the page, click on your Gmail icon at the top right side and select “Your Channel” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Customize channel at the right top side of the page. Next, click on the About link and you will be taken to the next page where you should click on “Channel Description”.
  • Then type in what your channel is all about in the space provided and click on Done.How To Create Youtube Channel Name | Sign Up

When you carefully take the steps above, you have successfully created your channel name.

How To Upload Video To Your Youtube Channel

It is very easy to upload a video to your Youtube channel after using the steps given above to create your channel name. Simply follow the steps below and your video will be uploaded.

  • Go to and click on sign in at the top right to enter your email address login details (if you aren’t logged in)
  • Then click on the video icon at the top right side of the page and select upload video from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on “Select files” and select the video you will like to upload from your gallery.

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Have it in mind that you can upload up to 15 videos at a time. Make sure to click Edit on each file to edit your video details before you finally hit the Publish Now button.

Do you have any questions on this method to Create Youtube Channel Name? feel free to use the comment box below. Also, share this article on your social media account so that others can know about it.


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