How To Use Facebook Account in China 2019 on iPhone, Android, PC

If really you want to learn How To use Facebook Account in China, then I guess your current location is in China. Following the ban or block use of FB Account in China which we understand that most of you really can’t do without Facebook for some reasons, best known to you.

Business Personnel that just came to China for business happens to be the victim of the band as well. However, you really don’t have to worry your self anymore on How To use Facebook Account in China because that is the mean reason you are reading this post.

Regardless of the ban or block of access to Facebook social media in China, I still want you to understand that most people there in China still use Facebook account to fulfilled there day to day activities and trust me when I say that even Facebook owner in person of Mark Zuckerberg is really not happy above this current problem.

I really don’t know if it will also interest you to know the mean reason why this has to happen to China. However, you can check it out below.

Why Is Facebook Social Media Banned in China

Even you will be very also sucked to know that the ban or block in China is as a result of using Facebook as a part of communicating network by the Xinjiang independence activists.How To use Facebook Account in China 2019 on iPhone, Android, PC

However, with the understanding Chinese users believe that Facebook will not succeed in the country after google china’s problems.

Nevertheless, I also want to to understand that China is really not the only country Facebook Social Media has been blocked or banned. Countries like

North Korea

This is the countries that Facebook was also blocked or ban, this simply means that no one can really access the Facebook platform in any of the countries mentioned above. This is why you can also find other Social Networking Account in China which are:

Top Social Media Account In China Like Facebook Profile

That I am also showing you this other top Social Media account in China just like FB those not mean that I will not be showing you how you can as have access to Facebook Account in China. Because I will be showing you that after this, This is just for those that reside in China who really can’t afford the cost for the Tips on How To use Facebook Account in China.

However, Social Media like Facebook Account Include:

  • WeChat
  • RenRen
  • Weibo
  • Youku Tudou
  • DianPing
  • DouBan

So this is the Top Account like Facebook. They are some other social media that were blocked in China too e.g. Instagram, Twitter, Gmail, and more.

How To Use Facebook Account in China 2019 on iPhone, Android, PC

First thing first, If you among those search for how to use Facebook in China on iphone, how to use Facebook in China on android, how to use Facebook in China for free, or How to Access Facebook in China in 2019, etc. You just have to understand that is just very much easy with the help of VPN.

Yes, VPN {virtual private network} is the answer. A VPN is a very strong internet connection service that establishes a secure connection in your computer.

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BUT NOTE: You can’t really download the Chinese VPN in any of the market store apps. However, below are the list of VPN you can download from the app store or Online

BEST VPN To Download

Express VPN
Cyber Ghost
Nord VPN
Private VPN

Among all, the best VPN that can be used to access Facebook in China is Express VPN and Nord VPN, this is because they are the strongest VPN that works in China.

How to Download

Just like I have said that you just need to access your app stores on your system and search for the names given to you hear in the above list depending on your chose and then proceed to download.

How to Access Facebook In China 2019

Once you have just understood all of this above, then trust me when I say you are very good to go with the below steps.

After downloading the VPN app, install it.

Open the app and switch on the app.

Then open the Facebook app and login your account details.

And click login. on surprising to you, you will just access the Facebook platform without any form of disturb or restriction.

That is really not all, you will also need to set up the virtual private network Location to China. So check below to see how is also done.

How to Set Up VPN Location To China For Facebook Access

Once you are done with the Guide to Access Facebook In China, then you can follow the below process too.

  • You have to choose a VPN for China.
  • Then use the proxies in China. This allows you to access other websites through it.
  • Use this tool to access the Facebook platform in China.

This is how it’s been done regardless of the platform iPhone, Android, PC, etc…

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At this point, you are just very much good to go. I guess you really don’t need to be told because you have already started using your Facebook Account.

Please, note that you can as well use the comment box below in asking any of your questions if any and also dropping your opinions about this guide on How To use Facebook Account in China 2019 on iPhone, Android, PC.


  1. Alan

    I live in Europe, but I am going to China after a few months, and I need to access Facebook and a few different sites for work purposes, so yeah, I need a VPN. I found this article and Surfshark seems to be the best option. Maybe you know how it works in China?

    • Ekey

      However, if you think is good for you, then you can use it. But we have already taken out time in listing out the best VPM for you to use in China.


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