Steps to Install Google Allo App free on android – Google Messaging app

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Google Allo app is an instant messaging app developed by Google that includes a virtual assistant and provides a “smart reply” function that allows users to reply without typing. This app brings you the Google assistant you need in expressing yourself better, especially with stickers, Emojis, as well as Text. Install Google Allo app free and enjoy the great features in messaging.

This app is available on Android and also iOS, and it has this following features.

  • Smart reply Functions:

It uses Google’s machine learning technology to suggest a reply to the last message, which can be selected from a few options.

  • Image Analyzing:

It also analyses images sent to the user in order to suggest responses.

Steps to Install Google Allo App freeSteps to Install Google Allo App free on android - Google Messaging app

To install The Google Allo

  1. Go to Google play store in your Android Device.
  2. Type “Google Allo” in the search bar.
  3. Choose from the variety of the app that appears and Click Install.
  4. Now installation process begins.

After installing, You can now open and say Hello to Google Allo.

More features of the Google Allo includes;

  • User’s behaviour:

It learns from the user’s behaviour to adapt its suggestions over time.

  • Supports Google Assistant:

Allo is one of the apps that support Google Assistant, a conversational virtual assistant.

  • Phone Numbers:

Allo is based on phone numbers, not by social media or email accounts.

  • Stickers

Say how you fill by using stickers, Stickers with the best designs from independent artist and studios from around the world.

NOTE: Not all features are available in all the countries.

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