Introducing Facebook New Messenger Day for iOS, Android | It’s Version Of SnapChat

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The Popular and most accepted Social Media, Facebook has unveiled it’s New Messenger day for iOS and android users. The Facebook New Messenger Day appears to directly base on Snapchat‘s Stories feature. Users of the new messenger day can add photos and videos to their Day with effects and text.

Facebook New Messenger Day for iOS, AndroidIntroducing Facebook New Messenger Day for iOS, Android | It's Version Of SnapChat

Messenger day feature can be accessed only by those that has the Latest Facebook Messenger App. Also the New Messenger Day is Facebook version of SnapChat so all post will disappear within 24 hours (Just like the Snapchat).

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See how the Messenger day features works/how to use it

As earlier stated, a New Version of Facebook Messenger App is needed, in order for the New Messenger day to be more effective. After that, then;

  1. Open your Messenger App,
  2. Tap the “Add to your day” button at the top of your inbox to get started.
  3. Snap a selfie or take a photo or video of what’s around you.
  4. Now tap the smiley face icon in the top right to add art and effects.
  5. Then tap to add to your photo or video (You can also add text over your images by tapping the “Aa” icon, and you can overlay a drawing by tapping the squiggly line in the top right corner).
  6.  Tap the arrow in the bottom right corner, Once you have your photo or video the way you want it.

Now you can then add directly to your day, save it to your phone’s camera roll, and you can choose to send it to a person or group of people.

The photo or video that you add to your day will be seen for 24 hours after which it disappear.

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