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Nigeria Affiliate Marketing Platforms has come to stay, and this is the best way you can now make money from online when you associate and work for this Platform. In this article, we will look at the Best Affiliate marketing Programs you can work and earn from. It’s all about you knowing how to use your Social Network, Blog, Websites or Email.

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing which is based on Performance, in which a business {Affiliate Platform} rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

So if you know you are good at this, Then you can Choose from the List of the Affiliate marketing Platforms in Nigeria and Start Making Cool Money Online.

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List of Top Nigeria Affiliate Marketing Platforms

Below are the marketing Platforms you can Choose from;

  • Jumia Affiliate Marketing Program

Jumia is one of the leading affiliate Platform in Nigeria that allows website and Blog owners to participate in the Program and earn money from it. It has lots of Products you can choose to market for the Company; ranging from wears & fashion accessories to smartphones and electronics.

There are lots of products you can promote as an affiliate marketer for Jumia. And on how you receive your pay? It is done on monthly basis and you can get a lot of more through the efforts you put in to it. You can be a Part of this Platform, Simply go to

  • Konga Affiliate Marketing Program

The Konga Affiliate marketing Platform is also Like Jumia, it’s an online retail Shop in Nigeria that is Known for the Sales and marketing of good and affordable products. Konga pays you up to 9% commission on every completed sale you make.

Just Like the Jumia, it also deals with different products Ranging from Wears & fashion, Smartphones to Electronics. To earn from this Platform all is required is your Website, Blog or Social Media Platform where you can do the marketing. You can Visit to learn and also Signup with the Platform.

  • DealDey Affiliate Marketing program

DealDey is also a good Marketing platform that offers affiliate program to interested people who wish to work with the platform. There are different categories and amazing offers on products that you can choose to market. DealDey allows people to make money online by promoting their deals as an affiliate marketer on either your Website, blog or Social Platforms. You can learn more about DealDey by Visiting

  • Kaymu affiliate program

Kaymu is an online marketplace, where buyers and sellers meet to buy and sell goods and services. It’s affiliate program offers a fixed 5% commission on any product sold on the platform, they have lots of products you can choose to market either on your Website, Blog or Social Platform.

The program pays you 5% commission on every sale you make. To know more and signup for the Program, go to

You can Choose to join any of the above platform by visiting their Various site and signup for the affiliate Program.

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