Memorable Christmas Poems for friends, family and Love once

Memorable Christmas Poems for friends, family and Love once – Do to a request form most of our lovely fans on nice Christmas poems with short lines to express your best with poems. So in other to make Christmas event very special and memorable for your friends, family and Love once check it out below.Memorable Christmas Poems for friends, family and Love once

Memorable Christmas Poems for friends, family and Love once

  • Light up the Christmas tree
    Miles away is Halloween in this busy street
    All shops’ skylights blink rainbow colours
    O’ gift of love Collect
    In white and red, Santa is generous like your soul
    Bring on the Christmas gifts and goodies
    Ring out the bell of joy with message of love
    Ring out loud the jingle
    Through the hallows of our hearts
    Invade the inner chambers of life
    Where Christmas jingle plays the tune of laughter and love
    And joy and laughter for the new born Christ

  •     We wish you both long life in consent
    whatever happens, try not to break.
    No matter sometimes how hard it seems,
    You don’t give up and follow your dreams.
    Together is always easier to fight,
    Never forget that and stay unite,
    You know that happiness in everywhere:
    in dreams, in flowers, in music, and air.
    So find it together and share your joy,
    Find your own way life to enjoy
    Since now stay together, our dear groom and bride,
    Be happy, be joyful side by side.


  • Piles of time after winter
    The rhythm in the air arrives with joyful vibration
    Of Christmas that spread joy like stars on a clear night sky
    The night is cold while we sing
    Songs we both know
    Beautiful songs in our hearts
    Songs of our family
    when the night is cold around the Christmas tree
    my wreaths of loneliness I lay for our family
    and when Christmas is over,
    Watch my candle light in memory of your love
    Merry Christmas.


  • O’ happy children around bright Christmas tree
    Cloaked in white and heavy sparkles of colourful light
    Merry, merry and allow ripples of laughter across the ocean of your faces
    But hasten, hurry, Christmas eve is going with sunset
    A chilling night is at the door
    O’ merry children, bright with innocence
    Swim and wallow in the river of excitement
    Make merry and make a wish of a Christmas gift for the family
    A wish of love, peace, laughter around the Christmas tree



  • Ring out the bell, loud, very loud
    In peace and love; for families and friends
    At this time in arms of Christmas wishes
    And shout Merry Christmas.
    The season of our Lord creeps in, creeps out
    We hold hands with sparkles of love in our eyes
    Amidst the bloom of December flower
    Then, snowflakes rules the street we once share
    After our hearts go Merry at Christmas

  • O’ business men and workers apart with toy
    Do you not hear the tunes?
    End now the season of toy
    Do you not hear the whistle of joy of the new born king?
    Laugh and love; breed love in absence of your work-wife
    Light the candle of beautiful memories away from your work-hubby
    A parting wink of eyes and nod of head is ample for a Christmas summon
    There’s no dread in company of friends
    Merry Christmas to you all.

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