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New Beta Version of Whatsapp Download | whatsapp beta version apk

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New Beta Version of Whatsapp Download | whatsapp beta version apk

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Most people have really asked and want to know if the New beta version of WhatsApp download – Does It Have the Ability to Make Video Calls?, do to The beta Version of WhatsApp has not really been advertised in their official website yet.
But we are fair to inform you all that with the new WhatsApp Beta Version apk feature added to the app that will certainly make everyone happy and is the option to make video calls as well. Finally, there is a reason why you should make this the main app to make or receive video calls or any other type of communication from your mobile device.

Please do remember that only if you do have WhatsApp beta version latest of the app for Android. In fact, you can see WHATSAPP Voice Call and Video Call options the moment you tap the dialer button on the top.

New Beta Version of Whatsapp DownloadNew Beta Version of Whatsapp Download | whatsapp beta version apk

To get the most recent WHATSAPP BETA VERSION as an Android device user, all you need do is to go to the official beta testing option that you can get in Google Play.

However, you should sign up for this by selecting the Become a Tester button from the app. Thus, you will be able to test the beta software just as you would on an official app.
And remember that you are only using the beta option, so you can have some inconveniences. Likewise, it is a way of providing feedbacks to the developer regarding how people think about the app, as well as provide suggestions on what needs to be revised to gain better service.

Whatsapp Beta Version

If you don’t want to sign up on the other hand and become part of any testing team, you can download a recent beta build of the app from third-party websites. Trusted sites offer Google-signed apps. So make sure to get the latest 2.16.318 version of WhatsApp or higher if available.

Remember that it is also available If you are going to get the WhatsApp beta version on iOS devices. However, you can always use the comment box below in asking any of your questions or also dropping your recommendations.

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