I remembered back them in 2015-2016 when I use to show DailiesRoom fans MTN Monthly Data PLAN For 2go, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Opera etc. But this has changed now in a way that you will be able to get that at a lower cost. Today I will be showing you the New mtn Quick facebook subscription Service, a platform where You can still enjoy Facebook without Internet Charges with the New Quick Facebook Service from MTN.

MTN Quick Facebook Subscription Plan / Service help you get the best of FB account with the full feature and guess what; No Internet! No Problem! this is because Quick mtn facebook subscription plan gat you covered.

NOTE: This service grants MTN subscribers instant access to their Facebook account using the USSD channels. This means that no matter the phone capabilities, you can still enjoy Facebook with MTN network.

New MTN Quick Facebook Subscription Plan

To get started, simply dial *510# and subscribe to Daily, Weekly, Monthly subscriptions.

DailyN101 day
WeeklyN407 days
MonthlyN15030 days

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How To Activate MTN Quick Facebook Subscription Plan

To Activate MTN Facebook Subscription follow this process below

  1. Dial USSD Code *510# and wait for a prompt.
  2. Submit your Facebook Username & Password.
  3. Following successful login, you will be presented with the Facebook Menu.
  4. Selecting any Facebook Menu Option, you will be prompted to agree to the subscription charges.
  5. Once the subscription is accepted, your service will be activated.

This is all you need to know, but if you are having any challenge in doing any of that then you can use the comment box below to contact us. Please, you can as well share this New MTN Quick Facebook Subscription Plan on your favorite social Networking Account such as; Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and more for others to know of it too.

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