Nicki Minaj Pinkprint studio album Sales

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Nicki Minaj Pinkprint studio album Sales – Nicki Minaj recently claimed on Instagram, that her last studio album, The Pinkprint, has sold over 3 million copies worldwide. Checking this out, the Only rapper took to her Instagram to announce the figures, saying that they still awaited court verification on the numbers.Nicki Minaj Pinkprint studio album Sales

Nicki Minaj Pinkprint studio album Sales comment on Instagram

She wrote: “#1YearOfThePinkprint this album is now TRIPLE platinum worldwide (3.3 Million), even though we have to wait for a March court date to be credited for tracks & streams. Some artists removed their work off Spotify and other services of that nature, but for the ones who did not, we have to be patient for justice in our industry & it finally looks like it’s coming. This judgement, when passed, will work retroactively so that we can receive our plaques, etc for all of the free music given away on these services. On Spotify alone, the sales of this album is 1.4 Million worldwide. The music business doesn’t really seem designed to reward our culture with the sales & accolades we deserve, as we don’t normally cater to middle America, but I’m so happy that some amazing ppl have been fighting for us. To my fans, thank you for your support. Nothing made me happier than seeing your faces this year on #ThePinkprintTOUR ~ Thank you for this Grammy nominated album. ??????? To all the artists out there working hard on your music and feeling discouraged, I feel your pain & completely understand your frustration. Don’t let anything stop the love you have for your passion. ????? #ThePinkprint”

Nicki Minaj Pinkprint studio album SalesAccording to 360nobs, Streaming services have been shown to hamper album sales, with artistes like Adele and Taylor Swift having removed their works from streaming services to increase album sales. (Nicki Minaj Pinkprint studio album Sales, Nicki Minaj Claims ‘The Pinkprint’ Has Sold Over 3 Million Copies)

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