In a previous post, you were introduced to Apple  Newly Launched Video App “Clips”. Well, guess What? It’s Now available for download in the App Store. Download Apple Video App – CLIPS for free and enjoy the Video Call  from Apple Devices, it’s Suitable for both iPhone and iPad device.


This is the First Video App that Apple inc. as ever Produced for it’s Mobile Platform, So expect the best experience of using it.

Clips is launched Mainly for your Social Media Networks; Instagram And Facebook. Which Is Suitable for iPhone, Clips is a video app for iOS. It has a similar feature with the SnapChat and Instagram App we all know.

Your question Now Might be…

What does ‘Clips’ has to do with other Social Media Networks?

Well, Clips is an App that lets users create, edit, and share videos across other social media platforms.

So you see the connection it has with other Social Platforms. It’s just similar to your Facebook Video calling App, Instagram and Lots more!

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Free Download Apple Video App “Clips” for iPhone and iPad

To download  “Clips” click Apple Video App ‘Clips’ download

Features Of ‘Clips’

Here are it’s features;

  1. Create and edit Videos.
  2. Share fun videos with text, effects, graphics.
  3. You can add 300 Video Clips.
  4. It uses facial recognition technology; in other to determine who is in the video
  5. Also suggests contacts to share videos with.

The above features you will get and Lot More!

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