Pinterest Business Account vs Personal – Sign Up

When it comes to making a choice on the kind of account one should create on, there are some things you should first look into, and to make it easy for you to decide which account you should sign up on, we have prepared this Pinterest Business vs Personal Account article just for you.

In the general sense, Pinterest is one good platform where you can enjoy unlimited access to contents, and discover new and powerful ideas which you can try every day. So check it when you apply it to your business or personal life, how wonderful it will be to discover new ideas for your business or that discovery that can give a great change to your life.

Whether it is a business account or a personal account that you want to sign up for on It is our duty to let you know that you can sign up for Free and fast. All you need to do is to follow every detail given in this article and you are good to go. But before then, there are some things we need to look into concerning Pinterest.

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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest in its simplest form is a social media platform and a mobile application (Suitable for Android and iOS device) that enables saving and discovery of information on the world wide web (www) by using images on a smaller scale, GIFs and videos.

Business minded persons use it, also you can create a personal account on the platform. Pinterest let you discover what’s trending, discover recipes, home ideas, style inspiration and so many other ideas to try. The ideas/products shared on Pinterest is just to get attention. When people get to see and share a pin, the more attention it receives.

Pinterest Pin

When you hear Pinterest Pin, what should come to your mind is that Pin are ideas that users or people on Pinterest create, find, and save from around the web. And when you click or tap on the Pins, you are going to be redirected to the main website where it was gotten from and probably you will learn how to make it or buy it depending on what it is.

So with this, you can picture what we really mean by this Pinterest Business vs Personal Account. Is it really suitable for just personal use or discoveries or to grow your business? Read on.

Pinterest Business Account vs Personal

This is just a comparison between the two types of account offered on Pinterest and the one that is right for you, After reading this, you should know if truly a business account is what you need right now or just a personal account.

Pinterest Business Account

If you are a businessman/woman who wants to make more money by getting leads from one of the best sites on the web, then Pinterest Business is for you. With the business account/profile, you can gain access to Pinterest Analytics and other free tools that will help your business grow on the platform.

It is simple and free to sign up for a business account on Pinterest. To get started, read this Pinterest Business Account Free Registration | For Business.

When you create a business account, you can simply reach millions of people and engage them by doing what inspires them and at the end, you improve your business. Among things you can do with your business account are;

  • Find New Customers
  • Increase your sales
  • Build Brand Affinity
  • Drive Traffic to your website and more.

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Pinterest Personal Account

Personal Account on Pinterest is when you are not into doing any business and you are looking for creative ideas or whether you are searching for a very good home design concepts, looking for fashion, wellness & fitness tips or checking out new recipes, trying a DIY (Do it yourself) project, and more.

There are so many ideas on Pinterest that can work for you. You just need to get in and you are perfectly okay to jive on. To create a personal account, then take your time to go through the simple steps we have given on our previous article on Page Review & Registration.

How To Switch Between Personal Account And Pinterest Business

Once you have created an account for either business or personal account, you can simply log in to switch between accounts using the steps below.

First and foremost, you will have to add accounts. Have it in mind that you can add up to four accounts in any combination of business and personal accounts.

  • Log in to your Pinterest Account using your registered email address and password. Then click on the three dots at the top of Pinterest
  • Next, select “Add Account” and enter your email address and password again.
  • Click on Login or Click on “Continue with Facebook” or “Continue with Google”
  • When signed in, you will see an arrow next to your profile picture at the top of Pinterest. Click on the arrow to open the account switching menu to switch between accounts.

Pinterest is good for whatever you want it for, Be it a Business account or a personal account, just take the steps given above to sign up for free on the Platform.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this Pinterest Business Account vs Personal Account with us by using the comment box below.


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