Premier League: Manchester City Banned from Signing Academy Players

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Manchester City banned from signing Academy Players for two years and fined £300,000 after breaching the English Premier League Rule. On the ban case, Manchester City were found to have approached the family of two young players who were registered with other clubs.

It could be recalled that sometime in last Month, Liverpool were also Punished for an offense of such. When they went after a 12-year old academy Player at Stoke City.

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Manchester City Banned from Signing Academy Players

According to a premier League Statement, evidence were gotten that the club’s conduct in applying to register the players is Against the League rules.

Among the gathered evidence, one was “An evidence of Contact” between Manchester City and members of each Academy player’s family while those Academy Players were still registered with their previous clubs.

It was also recalled in April that the Premier League probed three Manchester City signings, including;

  • 11-year-old Everton midfielder.
  • 15-year-old from Wolverhampton Wanderers.

In the case of the two academy Players above, they were conditionally registered with City while the Premier League’s investigation was going on.

Therefore Manchester City has no compensation right retained as the Academy Players signed by them will be terminated and the club will not be granted the permission to Re-register them.

On this issue, City reserved it’s comment, even as they had promised to sponsor the Involved Academy Players School fees and as far as the education length they will go if they had stayed in the Club. Meanwhile, City also agreed to pay the relevant compensation for the players and are free to join other clubs.

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