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Based on the fact that Personal Computer {Laptop} can’t talk does not mean it’s not feeling the Work-load. It feels it, that is why it breaks down at times. I could Remember my boss giving me some among the tips to safely maintain my PC in other for it to last long for me and even cost me less. Those tips are what i want to share with you too, and i guarantee a long Life Span for your PC if your Carefully Apply them. To Enhance your Personal Computer Life-Span, Please read this article till the very end.

Note: The PC referred to in this Post is the LAPTOP

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Before we go further in the tips to Extend your PC life-Span, Lets See some of the Things that Personal Computer {PC} can do;

Things You Can Do With Your PC

Personal Computer {PC) is a Compact Computer designed for an individual Use and it uses a microprocessor, below are the things you can do with your PC.

  1. Word processing
  2. Data management
  3. Financial analysis
  4. Computer games.
  5. Internet Surfing. ETC

Safe Tips to Extend Your Personal Computer Life-Span

  • Do not mount anything on top of your Laptop, it is not you Shelf; things Like Books, Putting another PC {Laptop} on top of it etc.
  • Do not Put more than One laptop in a Bag especially when the Bag is Small or tight.
  • Do not Plug your PC Over-Night; But if you may do, then you must Remember to Remove it when you feel the battery is full
  • Do not Exchange or give out your PC Charger. If yours is not good or no longer Compatible, then endeavor  to Replace it with a new one.
  • Do not bring anything Liquid e.g water close to your Laptop; Even if you can dry it, it should be totally avoided.
  • Save you Laptop from Dust, atleast once in a while clean it. Dust clogs fans, vents, and heat sinks, preventing your PC from cooling down

Other Safe Tips to Employ

Scan For Viruses and malwares: Viruses and malwares can breakdown or destroy the life of your PC is not properly taken care of. They tends to slow down the system and make it work abnormal and even bring about lost of Data, So the safety measure you have to carry out here is to Scan and Remove these Viruses and malwares

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Protect your PC against Power Surge: this can stress up your PC and can even result in damage of the power supply or other components. Laptops or generally other devices are sensitive to power fluctuations. So When charging them, try to plug into a properly working surge protector as well.

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What Safety Tips do you make Use of? Kindly Share With us and also feel free to Share this page link on your social media accounts so that others can also know about it, and also use the COMMENT BOX below for any question or Recommendation on Safe Tips to Extend Your Personal Computer Life-Span | Enhance PC Life and We will be in touch with you shortly. Thanks

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