How To Get Signed by Top Record Labels

How To Get Signed by Top Record Labels – Simple Rule, Play Good Music / Get Signed / Get Good Pay / Get Rich/ Become Celebrity…

Up coming artists are now complaining that they can’t get sign in any of the top music lables, well we cant also blame them because of some reasons which we have listed below. The truth is that if you can apply what ever we have said here on the page, then you are close to getting what you want, which is getting signed by Top Record Labels.


No long story, I want us to go straight to business by explaining common mistakes upcoming artist fall victim of and still falling victim.

Common Mistakes Upcoming Music Artist Fall Victim Of 

  • Taking Advice from Wrong Source

One common mistake we all generally does is seeking advises from wrong people. The question now is ;

Who are the wrong people that gives us advice????

If you are into cooking and you want advice, then you take advice from those who are best in cooking or that has similar goal with you. A footballer can’t start giving you advice (he/she is wrong person to give you that advice).

So now you are into music, you should ONLY seek advice from those into music too. There are many of them out there available, it cost nothing to link with them and get your moral advice.

  • Do Not Start Asking for Help or Support in first contact with Top Music Artist

Seriously speaking it’s not good to ask for help in your first contact with them, because what if they share little of their time to see what you have done so far on your own and they find out that you still have a long way to go, discovering lot of mistakes in your performance, no direction. Do you expect them to start correcting you at once, couple with the fact they are always busy going to shows, traveling around the world for event. This is just the reason we are putting this together to show you “How To Get Signed by Top Record Labels“.

“because the artist will look for you if you are good”

But you have to ask only when you are good to go.

  • Appearance Not in line with Music Title

So times we see an upcoming music artist sing and the appearance never match with the message of the music. Some times not using the right beating for the song. Making the lyrics of the song too long and at the end of it, no sense in it. Once you release songs like this and the people reject your song then automatically the Top Record Labels will never sign you into their company.

  • Size of Music Too Heavy to Download

This is usually common too, when we like a song, so time the problem becomes downloading it. You find out that a song might be 20mb to download. Not good at all.

Must Do Before Get Signed / How To Get Signed by Top Record Labels

  • Make good Music – You need to investigate very well what kind of music your country people love so much and if its in line with your music ability. By doing this – you need to be going for local shows and see performances.

Now you do not have to copy, remember that you also have your own style. Now you have to integrate the other experience with your own personal style, this will make you a branded music artist.

NOTE: Before producing the music, make sure to show someone higher then you to help you edit the song

From the common mistake which I have listed above, make sure to work with it. Using the right beating, DJ mixer, Picture album, etc.

  • Perform in Local Shows Organized in Your Country – Try your possible best in attending shows, beg for chances to perform. Now wile performing, select the best hit of your songs to present to your country people. Once they move for the hit, then you are on the way.
  • Create Social Median Account and Share your Song – We are now in a digital world where people are online, chart room, forums to get updates on the latest. Use the opportunity to share your music so that they can download for free.

You can do that also by paying little money to some Popular Free Music Download Site so that your song will be advertise on their website for people to download.

  • Submit your Song to Radio Stations and TV stations in your country – This will also cost you little money. But the truth of it all is that all this top starts you see today did this. Once you do that – you will see your music will always be played in the radio and tv stations around the world.

You use money to get money

  • Apply for Music Talent Show Audition – This another way you can show your self. You are not only going for the prize, rather, when you become a stand-by participant of the audition, and you get qualify in the academy, it’s professional that will take you up from there. So you will be trained, Know where you make mistakes and how to improve them.
  • Now locate Any Social Median Page of the top music lables, on facebook, instergrame, Twitter, Snapchat, Linkedin, Myspace, Whatsapp, BBM, ect – Once you get that, like their page and always follow their updates. Then with time submit your song to them. Trust me they will listen to it. And once your song is good they will call you for signing.
  • Attend Shows Which they attend and give them your Song – Make sure to package your music in a CD so once they are done performing in a show, just give them your CD. They will also listen to it and give you a call.


We are here to help you become what you want to be. Use the comment box below so tell use where you challenges are coming from so that we can advic you on the next step to follow. Hoping to get your comment soon…

Good Luck.


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