Signs Bad Phone Battery Give | Needs Replacement

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Smartphones are incredibly useful. They perform many functions and make our lives simpler. However, they can cause a lot of frustration when their batteries start deteriorating. It’s a good idea to watch out for the signs Bad Phone Battery give.A faulty phone battery can deteriorate the phone’s life, if not taken care off. And that is why you have to watch out for this signs given by the battery, the signs are listed below.

Signs Bad Phone Battery giveSigns Bad Phone Battery Give | Needs Replacement

  • Phone Restarts On It’s Own

This is quite a common complaint from smartphone users. You could be typing an important e-mail or completing a financial transaction when your phone randomly decides to shut down and restart. This can be quite disappointing. If this is happening frequently, check your battery for defects. There could be many reasons why your phone restarts on its own. One reason may be that the battery no longer fits snugly within the phone case. If the phone cover doesn’t hold the battery in place, the device will lose power when the battery shifts.

Also check the battery connectors to see if they’re worn out. Worn out connectors cause a loose contact between the battery and the phone. They should be fixed at an authorized repair centre.

  • Battery drains easily

Batteries generally perform well for the first 2 years. But once the first 2 years are up, they start causing you trouble. If your battery doesn’t seem to power your phone for long, it’s likely giving way. You could uninstall apps that drain your battery to find out if it’s the battery that’s really causing you problems. Inspect the battery to look for any changes. If the battery looks like it’s bulging, you’ll have to replace it at the earliest. If you fail to do so, the battery may leak and damage your device.

Batteries bulge when they undergo undesirable chemical reactions. The most common cause of these chemical reactions is heat. If you want to prolong the life of your battery, make sure you prevent it from overheating. Remove the phone cover when your device is charging and remember to store your phone in a cool place.

  • Phone is plugged in but dead

This is another common sign of a bad battery. If the phone doesn’t charge after being plugged in, there’s probably an issue with the battery. In this case the phone stays dead even after repeated attempts at charging it. You’ll see no lights and hear no sounds when you plug in the device.

  • The phone doesn’t hold charge

If the battery has started to give way, the device won’t stay on for long. It will power up when you connect it to a power source but it won’t hold its charge. When this happens, you know it’s time to replace the battery.

  • Overheated battery

As your battery starts deteriorating, it generates heat. This excess heat generation often happens when you plug in your phone for charging.If you feel your device is getting quite warm to the touch, test the battery and replace it.

please read: Modern day mobile phones come with surge breakers. They’re designed to prevent overcharge and excess discharge. With the passage of time however, these batteries offer you low performance. Whether you need to replace the battery or buy a new phone, depends entirely on the type of phone you’re using.If you have a good phone that responds well, a simple battery replacement should suffice. If you feel that the operating system is not responding as well as it used to, consider buying a new phone instead.Before blaming the battery for poor performance, it’s a good idea to turn off automatic notifications and live updates. They suck the juice out of your battery. Once you’ve ruled out everything else, you’ll know whether you need to replace the battery or purchase a new phone.

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