Steps To Etrade Account Opening – Sign Up

Are you a retail investor looking for an online trading platform that will really be of a good benefit to you? Then here are the basic steps to Etrade Account Opening to get started with the trade or investment. Etrade platform gives you the opportunity to do more with your money and on how you go about, you must first open an account on its platform.

When it comes to doing business, no one just ventures into one and expect to reap from it immediately, Etrade is one platform known for years for its wonderful ways of allowing people who are ready to invest to make money without having to do much, because it got the right tools in place.

Etrade has over the years helped people control their own investment online without having to entrust your investment to any human broker. For these wonderful services and more that you will find out in this article, the Platform has been accepted by many for their investment.

To Open an account on Etrade is as easy as A, B, C, D, as long as you are determined to make money by investing or trading, you can open your account on Etrade, then you are good to go.

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About Etrade

Etrade is a platform where online trading for retail investors started. As a matter of fact, this is the first online trading platform that opened the way for every other investors to control their own investments online without the assistant of a human broker.

Etrade is a leading online financial service that gives the best when it comes to experience for the digitally inclined investor and trader, with a very good personal professional guidance. Etrade is on a mission to enhance the independence of traders and investors through a powerful digital offering.

The platform pledges its services to the following people:

  1. Investors
  2. Traders
  3. Advisors
  4. Stock Plan Participants
  5. Stock Plan Administrators

If you fall into any of the above listed, then you should consider opening an account on this platform and get the benefit of Investment or trading.

Etrade Official Website

The official website is where you can create your account, log in, and also manage your account. There is no other website know for carrying out your investment or trading operations apart from the one that we will be giving you here

As long as you are dealing with Etrade, then you should know that the only way to access the page is when you visit its official website which is You can also visit but you will be redirected to

Types Of Etrade Account You Can Open

Depending on your choice, you can open any of the following account on E*TRADE.

  • Brokerage
  • Retirement
  • Managed Portfolios
  • Small Business
  • Bank

Requirements To Open Etrade Account

  1. Social Security number or ITIN for each applicant
  2. Employer’s name & address (if applicable)

E*TRADE Commissions & Fees

ETrade has a full range of choices to support your style of investing or trading. Simply check out the full detailed pricing and rates at

Methods To Create Etrade Account | Etrade Account Opening

There are three methods at which you can open an account on Etrade and they are;

  • Online Method
  • By Phone
  • By Mail

So we will be giving details of each for you, from there you can choose the method that is best for you.

Method One: Online

Using the Online method to open an account, you have to follow the steps below

  • Visit Etrade official website at and click on Open an account at the top right
  • On the next age, choose the type of account you want and click on “Continue”
  • Then complete the brokerage or bank online application

Method Two: By Phone

If you want to open an account using this method, simply call 800-ETRADE-1 (800-387-2331)

Method Three: By Mail

  • Download Etrade Application and then print it out
  • Complete the application with the required information
  • After that, Send the application with a check made payable to E*TRADE Securities or E*TRADE Bank (Depending on the type of account you are opening) to the appropriate address.

E*TRADE Online Login ( sign in)

Anytime you want to sign in to your Etrade account online, Below are the steps that you should take.

  1. Go to Etrade official website at and click on “Log On” at the top right
  2. Provide your User ID and Password in the respective field
  3. Select the Account you want to login to from the “Go to” Link and click on Log onSteps To Etrade Account Opening - Sign Up

Etrade User ID Or Password Reset

Did you forget your User ID Or Password for Online Login? Well, you can reset it with ease. Don’t panic, just follow the instructions below.

  • On the Login page of Etrade, click on User ID Link at the bottom of the login form if it is your user ID that you forgot.
  • Then enter the email address associated with your E*TRADE account(s) and click “Submit”
  • Etrade will send an email with a link to reset your User ID
  • But if it is your password that you forgot, then simply click on the “Password” link at the bottom of the login form and enter your User ID. Then Click Submit and follow the instructions to reset your password.

Etrade Account Opening is not difficult if you can adhere to the instructions given above. Once you apply the basic steps, then you are good to go.

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ETrade Contact Service

If there is anything you will like us to help you with concerning E*TRADE, then you can feel free to use the comment box below or contact the Etrade centre using the following means.

  • To speak with a customer service representative about your brokerage or bank account, simply call: 800-387-2331
  • For Personalized support with your employee stock plan account, you can contact the Etrade service centre at:

    12 a.m.–11:59 p.m. ET

  • For designated brokerage, if you contact the customer representative, you will be able to your employees’ trading activities in order to meet regulatory obligations or in-house surveillance practices. You can do so by simply calling:

9 a.m.–6 p.m. ET

  • You can also send mail to Etrade Customer service by addressing it to “ETRADE Securities” for brokerage accounts or “ETRADE Bank” for bank accounts. All you need to do is send your mail message to any of the following:

Regular mail to:
E*TRADE Securities LLC
PO Box 484
Jersey City, NJ

Overnight mail to:
E*TRADE Securities LLC
Harborside 2
200 Hudson Street, Suite 501
Jersey City, NJ

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