Tiktok Video-sharing App Download For Tiktok Profile Sign Up

Making short videos online has been the order of the day as everyone now makes use of the Tiktok video-sharing app to show friends and people using the platform that it is easy to make fun. And as a result of that, I bring you this Tiktok Profile Sign Up for you to know more about the wonderful video-sharing app and how to get started.

There are lots of video sharing applications out there but recently, it has been Tiktok. You can meet real people making real videos with ease and creating a profile on the social platform is one right way to get started.

On a mission to inspire creativity and bring joy to its users, if then you are really creative, you’ve got an app that lets you show it.

You can watch millions of videos from different users, which includes videos from top celebrities. Simply stay entertained by a global community of creators, add your favorite music or sound to your videos for free, get access to a whole lot of free editing tools to give you the best on Tiktok.

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Tiktok Supported Stores

You can download Tiktok mobile app from the following stores

  • App Store
  • Google Play Store
  • Amazon App Store

Interesting Features Of Tiktok

The following features and more will let you enjoy the Tiktok platform.

  1. Easy & Free Registration
  2. Free Download From Android, iOS or Amazon App Store
  3. Watch millions of videos on Tiktok
  4. Add your favorite music or sound to your videos for free
  5. 100+ emoji stickers available
  6. Sync your videos

Do you know you can even learn new skills and tricks from other creators on Tiktok? Yes, you can, and equally, teach others who watch your short videos.

Without no further waste of time, let me take you through the steps to download the Tiktok mobile app and sign up without stress.

Tiktok App Download

Te app makes access to the platform very easy as you can even surf through the app when you are on the go. To download Tiktok mobile app for your device, simply click on your mobile supported link below and follow prompts to download.

Tiktok Profile Sign Up

After a successful download of the Tiktok mobile app, use the steps below to sign up for a profile with ease.

  1. Open the downloaded Tik Tok app from your mobile home screen
  2. Tap on the human icon at the right downside of your screen and tap on sign up with phone or email
  3. Enter your birth date and tap on the arrow icon
  4. Enter your mobile number and click the arrow icon. (here you can tap on the email link and enter your email address to use the email sign up method)
  5. Then enter a four-digit code sent to the mobile number and tap on the check () icon
  6. Set your password and tap the check () icon and your profile will be created successfully

Now, you have an account on the Tiktok platform and you can log in using the steps given below whenever you want to make use of the platform.

Tiktok Login

  • Open the Tiktok app and tap on the human icon at the right downside of your screen
  • Then tap “login” at the bottom and enter your registered email or username
  • Provide your password and tap icon to Login

Steps To Log Out Tiktok After Use

The reason for logging out is to keep your account secured from a third party accessing your privacy. Most people take their social platform to be private and to make that privacy remain so, you have to logout after using the app. See the steps to take below

  • Tap on the Human icon at the button right
  • Next, tap on the setting (gear) icon at the top right side of your screen
  • Navigate to the bottom of the page and tap on “logout”

Tiktok profile sign up is easy as A, B, C, D, and when you take the basic steps I have given above, you are very much good to go.

If you have any questions or recommendations on this Tiktok article, feel free to relate it with DailiesRoom.com by using the comment box below.


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