Tips to Start a Lucrative Driving School Business in Nigeria

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When you tend to start a Lucrative Driving school Business in Nigeria, there are some things you need to put in consideration in other for the Business to be Recognized and Lucrative. But before then, you should have known how to drive and know some certain things about the parts of the car.

To start up this kind of business in Nigeria, we have gathered some tips/things you need to know. Carefully read this article to the end and be sure of a lucrative driving business.

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About Driving School

A driving school is a school where one is taught on how to drive, implementing the rules concerning the roads and precautions needed. Paying close attention to the road signs and behaviors.

Starting a Lucrative Driving School Business

  • Driving Idea/Instructor

You can not teach someone what you don’t Know, before you think of setting up such a business, you must have the experience of driving (years of it) only then, you can impact knowledge of driving to someone else. You can also go for training to become an Instructor.

  •  Road safefy Registration

Nigeria’s regulations on Road safety requires one to show a proof of training done as at the first point above and other requirements which has been laid out by the federal road safety commission (FRSC). Also you register with a co-operate body e.g Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

“Note here that one of the FRSC law is that no one can get a driving license without showing an evidence that he/she has gone through a driving tests that are carried out in a registered driving school”

  • Training Vehicle

This is it! According to the money you have for it, since it’s for business, look for a vehicle that can fit the purpose, not costly and not the kind that can break down on the way.

  • Time for school

Where would you school center be situated? A nice location (venue) should be sited for your business. Provide yourself a writing and teaching materials

Make available different types of road signs that you can use to lecture your students.

  • Impact the best knowledge in a simple way

This will get them easy going around you, and it will grow you business. For example: i came to acquire something from you, the way you impact me positively and friendly can make me to also bring my friends that needs that same knowledge to you.

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