Tiwa Savage & Tee billz Saga : See what Fans Say today

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Tiwa Savage & Tee billz Saga – Follow Tiwa Savage & Tee billz Saga You will found out that everything has become a drammer for Nollywood to start acting on. This is one of a notable history to record that a top Nigeria Celebrity like Tiwa Savage & Tee billz had a misunderstand and the fans don’t care about them.

Since on Thursday, this week, Nigerians and their fans have been reacting to the saga between Tiwa Savage and Tee billz  on social media which has now gone viral.

That is why on this blog we have a recent comment made by their fans:

Tiwa Savage & Tee billz Saga: See what Fans Say today

Tiwa Savage & Tee billz Saga

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Here are some of the hilarious comments made by Nigerians.

Femi Salawu wrote; ‘Breaking News! Nigerian Hackers Deny Touching Tee Billz’s IG Account. Threatens Tiwa Savage’s Hubby With Libel Suit…Hackers still angry…hehehe’


@justification wrote; ‘When Tiwa sang ‘Doro is a cheerful giver’ we didn’t understand what she meant. Now, we know better.’Mitrovic wrote ‘So if Annie was feeding Teebillz, and 2face was giving Tiwa, was that a fair trade?’


Iniubong wrote ‘They will be recording at night alone in the studio and Don Jazzy will be doing only ad-lib. He will not press brezz abi ? Ya not serious.’


Francis wrote; ‘Even Don jazzy said “doro big doro heavy doro skillful”. So this was what he meant smh.’ Ebuka wrote ‘Tiwa and Teebillz got married in Dubai without inviting the fans in Nigeria. Now that they’re having trouble in their marriage, why are they informing us. They had better go and solve it in Dubai; who cares?!’

Please Use the comment box below to also express your feels concerning the ongoing Tiwa Savage & Tee billz Saga.

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