Where To Check: Today’s Current Black Market Dollar Rates To Naira And Other Countries Like AbokiFX

Following the news that AbokiFx has been banned by the Nigerian Government, I want to take you through a website where you can check the current black market dollar rates to naira and other countries.

In recent times, there has been increase in dollar rates which is affecting the economy, and for you to stay on track on why it is so, it is proper for you to check the current rates and it’s changing. And since AbokiFX has been banned from providing the service, it doesn’t mean there are no other websites that can do so. Read on

The latest Naira exchange rates for Black Market (Parallel Market), Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Bureau De Change (BDC), and Foreign Exchange Markets (FX Markets) and that of other countries can be known even from other platforms.

For Nigerians who are conversant with AbokiFX, you can follow bank exchange rates for several banks like Guarantee Trust BankEcobankAccess BankZenith Bank, etc. on other platforms that aim at giving legit information when it comes to dollar rates to naira.

The major aim of the websites is to provide better technology to make financial data accessible and understandable for everyone in Nigeria.

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Where To Check Today’s Current Black Market Dollar Rates To Naira

To check the current black market dollar rates, I will be tutoring you about BINANCE P2P. A wonderful platform that is designed to give you all your financial information.

Binance P2P is global and offers you the best secured and fast monetary transaction. Do you also deal with Cryptocurrency? Well, it will interest you to know that Binance does not only give you the current black market dollar rates in your country but also let you buy or sell your cryptocurrencies.

About Binance P2P

Binance P2P is an exchange platform that it’s overhead costs are negligible for buyers and sellers.

On Binance P2P, takers are charged zero trading fees, while makers are charged a small number of transaction fees upon every completed order.

The Website is simple to access and navigate through. As a matter of fact, since you just want to know the current rates, you won’t need to sign up or log in to the platform to get started unless you want to get into the cryptocurrency trading (buying and selling) part that will need your registration.

To access the Binance P2P platform and check the current black market rates, simply visit the official website at www.p2p.binance.com.

Alternative Exchange That Use P2P

Like you should know that this is a feature that is listed in Binance for easy exchange, so just in case is not available, this are also the list of exchange app or platforms you can see your current price rates





Nevertheless, there are still more of them where you can check the current black market dollar rates to naira and other countries, but note that before you can see the P2P exchange in any of the platform, you will have to verify your account to see those features.


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