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Base on the popular request on Music site review list in the United States, we’ll be taking a look at the top 10 U.S music streaming sites exactly. We normally grope around in stores to find physical records, discs, and tapes; and not long ago, we had to pay a certain amount for a single album.

Top 10 Free Music Streaming Sites | United States

1. Pandora |
 Music Streaming Sites
Music discovery is the name of the game for Pandora. Select a start point and then type in exactly what and it should show you music that will blow your mind. It has an expansive set of music, but the algorithm is pretty smart.

2. Spotify |
Top Free Music Streaming Sites in United States
Spotify has a very great lot going for it. There’s a lively community, easy social media, sharing radio stations, and a huge range of playlists to find out.

3. Google Play Music All Access |

There is a big list of tracks on Google’s Play Music All Access service, but you can only get a free trial for a month. You can create custom radio stations and play whatever you want on-demand. It also allows you to upload up to 20,000 of your own tracks for free, and they’ll then be accessible from the cloud, this will make it easy to upload an iTunes collection.

4. iTunes Radio
Top 10 Free Music Streaming Sites | United States
Apple offers a group of free radio stations for Apple devices only. You can make a choice of DJ-curated stations, modify stations, and create your own. You are limited to six-track skips per hour per station. You will also have to put up with adverts if you want to get that music for free

5. Deezer |
Top Music Streaming Sites In US
Somehow Deezer happens to be most popular music streaming sites and most wanted music streaming service that has yet to commence in the States, but it will soon be launched. It is made up of apps for Android iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and more platforms, but you can’t use the mobile apps with a free “Discovery” account. You get a year’s unlimited playback that’s ad-supported, but after that, you’ll need to subscribe or have the limit cut to two hours per month. Its features include; radio stations, playlists, and social media built-in.

6. Rdio |
 Free Music Streaming Sites
With Rdio, you can access 20 million songs for free on your computer in the U.S. or Australia, but you will be limited to adverts. On mobile apps you’ll be limited to radio stations, so you can’t get on-demand songs or playlists like the way you do on a computer. Additionally, there is also a limit of six skips per hour. If you want to try the ad-free unlimited version (with 30 million songs) you can get a 14-day free trial of it.

The other 7, 8, 9 and 10 are the remaining list of high-quality music streaming sites or best quality music streaming sites

7. Beats Music |

8. Slacker Radio |

9. Rhapsody |

10. Groove shark |

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