How to Transfer Files from iPhone to Android Phones Fast

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We all know it impossible to Transfer Files from iPhone to Android Phones. iPhone made it that way, this is one of their uniqueness among all other smartphones. But hare it very simple and am going to cover on this page how to transfer files for iPhones to Android phones.

Let get started…

How to Transfer Files from iPhone to Android Phones

This shouldn’t be new to you that you can’t do any thing transfer or receive, whether its music, files, even common images, Documents, etc to other smartphones are as long as it has to do it other smartphones vs iPhone. But see how we do it today… very fast!

Surprise to hear me mention this? Yes WhatsApp, if you already upgraded your WhatsApp in your phone then you will see that you can now use WhatsApp application to transferring any kind of files and document you want. But make sure that your internet service is working at that point.

Now see how it goes, You ad the person to your phone contact, then from your WhatsApp, you add the person. Now click on the person as if you want to chat him/her, then at the top-right of the page you will see “attachment file logo”, click, then select which file you want to start sending to the person.

This will take you to where you saved your file or document location. Then start uploading them. Once successfully uploaded the person will receive them also.

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  • Using The Phone Transfer Tool for iPhone

  1. Download Phone to Phone Transfer and follow the next steps. Now, let’s take the transfer from iPhone to Android, for example, the other transfer from iPhone to Symbian/ iOS is similar to this, and you also can follow this article to transfer.
  2. First of all. install and run this phone transfer tool on your computer. Then, the main window will pop up.
  3. Connect iPhone and Android phone to the one-click phone transfer tool at the same time. The program will automatically detect your devices once they are connected. And the devices will appear in the places of “Source” and “Destination” separately. When you plan to empty your Android phone to save the transferring data, choose to tick off “Clear data before copy”.
    Phone Transfer Tool for iPhone
  4. As you can see, you are allowed to transfer contacts, text messages, and photos. Click the green button “Start Copy” to transfer files. Keep your both devices are connected during the whole transfer process. When it over, click “Completed” to end it.

How to Transfer Files from iPhone to AndroidPlease Note that for you to successfully do this iPhone files transfer, you need to install iTunes on your computer. If not, Phone to Phone Transfer will let you install it.

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Please note that they might still be other perfect ways to Wirelessly Transfer Files between Android and iOS. But we shall make it available here also once discovered.

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