www.africamagic.tv/bbvote – BBNaija Online Voting via Africamagic.tv/bbvote

How real are you enjoying the Big Brother Naija Reality Tv Show? IF FINE. Then you really have to know that BBN can’t be complete without you voting for your favorite Housemate that you want to still remain in the house. Here In this post, I will guide you on the step that will help you participate in the Voting for the Big Brother Naija Housemates at www.africamagic.tv/bbvote.

Though there are ONLY THREE Ways to vote the Big Brother Naija Housemate and that in clouds:

  • Via SMS
  • Via Mobile (Mobile Site)
  • Via Web at www.africamagic.tv/bbvote

NOTE: To vote to KEEP Your Favorite Housemate in the House via Website Portal at www.africamagic.tv/bbvote is Totally FREE, all you need to do is register first. And that is what we will be showing you, How to Vote via Africamagic.tv/bbvote.

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Just in case you are Wondering what makes Voting on the Web Great! Well, the SMS and WeChat format of voting is good too, But it’s Limited to Just 100 Votes. While Voting on the Web, get you up to 200 VOTES! That’s 100 votes if you use the mobile-site on your phone and another 100 if you vote using your laptop or desktop computer.

www.africamagic.tv/bbvote – BBNaija Online Voting Via Africamagic.tv/bbvote

Before you can Be able to Vote on the Web, You must first Register and Below are the Steps to do so;

  1. Simply go to africamagic.tv/bbvote.

  2. Once you’re there, click on the “REGISTER” button and fill in your cell-phone number and password. www.africamagic.tv/bbvote - BBNaija Online Voting via Africamagic.tv/bbvote(Remember to use an international format for your cell-phone number for example (+234 765 4321). Click Continuewww.africamagic.tv/bbvote - BBNaija Online Voting via Africamagic.tv/bbvote

  3. When you’ve signed up, you’ll get an SMS with an OTP sent to you. Enter the correct OTP in the Space Provided to complete the registration process.www.africamagic.tv/bbvote - BBNaija Online Voting via Africamagic.tv/bbvote
  4. Registration Successful is what you will see next, Then the Next step is to Login and Cast your Vote.BBNaija Voting Registration

How to LogIn Africamagic.tv/bbvote and Vote

  1. Again, go to africamagic.tv/bbvote.How to Vote for your Big Brother Naija Housemate
  2. Click on Sign in and enter your mobile number and password, Then Click Sign in AgainHow to Vote for your Big Brother Naija Housemate
  3. Now click on VOTE NOWHow to Vote for your Big Brother Naija Housemate
  4. Select your favorite housemate from the options providedHow To VOTE
  5. Enter the Number of votes – cast your votes by clicking on VOTE

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And you’ve Successfully thrown your Vote. Remember, because it’s on the Web, you can cast up to 200 Votes!

More ways to Vote for your Big Brother Naija Housemate

How To Vote via SMS

SMS ‘VOTE’ and your favorite housemate’s name to 32052. SMS voting is limited to 100 votes per user.

NOTE: N30 per SMS, no free SMS’s

Vote via Mobile Site

Vote for your favourite housemate via the Africa Magic website – africamagic.tv/bbvote. Votes on the mobile site are limited to 100 votes per user. Mobile votes are free.

BBNaija Voting Closing Time

The BBN Voting opens straight after the Nominations Show at 18:30 WAT (6:30 pm) On Monday and the lines then close on Thursday night at 21:00 WAT (9:30 pm). Please feel free to use the comment box below for any question or recommendation on Big Brother Nigeria.


  1. I have tried to register so that i can vote but am failing. ..please help me

    1. Just take your time and read this post again and you will see how to register and vote

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