www.Crowd1.com Login: Crowd1 Login Problem, Crowd1 Sign Up

Do you also face Crowd1 Login Problem like most of my friends in the United States, Canada, Austria, South Africa, etc? Then let me start by telling you that I will be showing you all that you just need to know here.

Crowd1 Login Problem will only be a problem to you if only you really do not know the right process to follow and login or to get your password back.

www.Crowd1.com Login Site

First thing first, you must understand that the Crowd1 official site is www.Crowd1.com, here you can easily proceed to your account Login or sign up if you are yet to create your account.

Now be for I proceed to show you are talking you in about this Crowd1.com Account, I will also like you to quickly check out this following below.

About Crowd1

Now before I can proceed to start showing you how to fix your login problem, I will like to guide on how you can proceed to create your account and before creating your account, is Important you know some information about Crowd1, Owner Rights and Crowd1 Rewards

01) Crowd1 is on the transparent Blockchain.

02) Crowd1 is a registered company with offices across the globe including South Africa.

03) Crowd1 CEO has taken 3 companies to the stock exchange and Crowd1 will be his 4th to be listed on the stock exchange.

04) Everything will now become inhouse in our back office.

05) Your earnings are readily accessible in real-time, no waiting period.

06) Crowd1 is part of a global company, so you work from anywhere you choose, anytime.

07) Crowd1 has its own digital currency, C1 Rewards.

08) Crowd1 will start with our own Crowd1 exchange before we go public, a win-win situation for everyone in Crowd1.

Crowd1 Account Sign Up

Trust me when I say it just very easy and simple when It comes to Creating, to Sign Up or Registration on Crowd1. So without taking much of the time, here again, you can check below to see how it’s done.

01) Visit https://crowd1.com and then click on register now. Or you can use the below link to proceed to the form fill out.

02) Now, proceed to fill out the form by providing the required details; Username, Sponsor, First Name, Last Name, Address, Postal Code, City, Email, password.

NOTE: The password must be 8 letters or more, can’t be too common and should not contain your username

03) Once you are done filling the Crowd1 Sign Up Form, then check the small box to agree to receive information and marketing material from Crowd1 and partner companies

04) Finally, click on Register and you are just good to go.

Now, this is out you can proceed to sign up your account. Also, you can check below to see how you can proceed to log in to your account.

Crowd1 Login Step

Trust me when I say that much steps are really not required from you here. Below is the process you just need to follow.

Just proceed to visit the official site and click on sign in, when it opens then you can proceed to enter your username and password. Finally, then you can click on Login.

www.Crowd1.com Login

So this is how it is done. However, if you are also among those who have the login problem, then you can quickly check this out below.

Crowd1 Login Problem

Once one the Crowd1 Login Problem, you can face is when you lost your password. But then there is still a way out.

01) First of all, Visit the sign in page at https://crowd1.com/login

02) Click the “Forgot your password? Click here” below the login form

03) Enter your “Registered Username” in the space provided for it in the Forgot your password.

04) Finally, Click on “Send Reset Link” to retrieve your account or Log In.Crowd1 Login Problem

So this is how to reset PASSWORD on Crowd1. Also if you are yet to register with any level, then you can quickly check below to see the list of levels

Crowd1 Streamline bonus


1. Zero signups. Cr Rewards worth €2.5

2. 1 signup with White. Cr1 Rewards €5

3. 2 white signups. Cr1 Rewards €7.5

4. 3 white signups. Cr1 Rewards €10

NB: If you are still on white package you will remain on streamline level 4 even if you sign up 10 people.

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For you to move to the next level which is level 5. You need to upgrade to a black package.

5. 5 white signups and be on the black package. Crowd1 rewards €15

6. 6white signups. Cr1 Rewards €25

7. 7white signups. Cr1 Rewards €50

8. 8 white signups. Cr1 Rewards €75

NB: To move to level 9, you need to upgrade to a Gold package .

9. 9 white signups. Cr1 Rewards €100

10. 10 white signups. Cr1 Rewards €150

11. 11 white signups. Cr1 Rewards €200

12. 12 white signups. Cr1 Rewards €250

NB: For you to move to level 13, you need to upgrade to a Titanium package. 13 of your signups must have upgraded to Black packages. This is where the trick is. If your members don’t upgrade to black, you won’t move to the next level. Encourage your personally sponsored members to upgrade. That is why we have this Epic Promo. It helps members to rank up in streamline level and earn more Cr1 Rewards weekly.

13. 13 black signups and be a Titanium holder. Cr1 Rewards €500

14. 14 black signups. Cr1 Rewards €750

NB: Fo you to move to the next level, your signups must upgrade to a Gold package.

15. 15 Gold signups. Cr1 Rewards €1000

16. 15 gold signup. Cr 1 Rewards €1250

NB: For you to move to the next level, your signups must upgrade to a Titanium package

17. 15 Titanium signups. Cr 1 Rewards €1 500

18. 15 Titanium signups. Cr 1 Rewards €1 750

19.15 Titanium signups. Cr1 Rewards €2000

20. 15 Titanium signups. Cr1 Rewards €2 250

NB: White package gives you a streamline up to level 4

Black package up to Streamline level 8
Gold package up to level 12
Titanium package up to level 20

So that is just it. If in case you have any questions or recommendations, then you can proceed to use the comment section below in dropping your questions.


  1. Gloria Onyemaobi

    I’ve been trying to log into my Crowd 1(Titanium) account, opened in September, to no avail. I’ve successfully changed my password, yet I get ” error log in failed ” response. Sometimes, recaptcha ,not responding. Please help!!

    • Auguste Amukoshi

      Error login failed, in my account

  2. Ijewealth

    I have been trying to login into my titanium account to no avail pls help me.

    • Maria Lourdes R. Gonzales


    • Sunnytex27

      Error login failed. In my account

  3. Vikassingh

    ugarid password open.promblom

    • Tsholo

      please help I tried several times to log in , once I try to fill my details the cookies appear saying the website is using the cookies now.

  4. Mary Matheko Mashea

    I cannot access my crowd 1 account… I’ve been trying to log into my Crowd 1(Titanium) account, opened in September, to no avail. I’ve successfully changed my password, yet I get ” error log in failed ” response. Sometimes, recaptcha ,not responding. Please help!!

  5. Ani ifeoma

    Getting error login failed in my crowd 1account.in the process of of registration and swapping my loyalty crowd 1reward

  6. Ani ifeoma

    Error login failed, in my account

  7. Joseph Tsoaeli

    Error login failed,in my account,please assist me with new username and password

    • Kin Chung Choy

      Can’t log in today. Kindly explain.

  8. Vakavaka Timothy Shabangu

    I have three confirmation codes all link to one email timotyshabangu@gmail.com can I use both or use one please assist me in this regards

  9. Solomon shingu

    Name of sponsored require for the sign up please

  10. sisay

    how can i join it i repittly try but not be a member please help me sir

  11. Patrick Mogare

    My Crowd1 back office is no longer opening, it doesn’t accept even a new password after resetting. It only opens once when resetting but after that its not giving any access to the back office, I don’t know what is happening with this White Package account, I can’t access my backoffice since it requires to reset even after resetting.

    Besides, i want Crowd1 team to help me get my white Package Money I joined with. I am living Crowd1 following the lies I was recruited with. My sponsor is (Eutavia / Rico) who used lies when recruiting me, he told me that I will get monthly devident and recruiting in not compulsory here, I joined because of what he says at that time, from the 10th of July 2019 up to now I never recieved even a single devident, he used this trick when I tell him that (I don’t go for any network marketing that has recruiting). Few days back I send an email to Crowd1team and the person replied by sending me to the backoffice which is not accessable anymore. So there is no one helping me and I seriously need help cancelling this account and get me back my R1700 of which he added R100 when assiting me when i join Crowd1. It’s four (4) years now without achieving nothing when everything it’s about DATA here,I have been using my data for four years, no devident no norhing, yet I have pop out from my pocket again. PLEASE HELP ME

  12. Abubakar ashafa

    Crowd1 is a scam because up to now no achevement for now my money has been gone

  13. Gediyon Melkie

    How to login crowd1

  14. Phyllis Khumalo

    Hi everyone I had an account 3 to 4 years back, now I want to continue with it, WHAT must I do I forget my sponsor name and surname, I forget my username and password too help me.

  15. Thabani

    This is still a black mampatile hide and seek game. Question is “HOW MUCH IS THE VALUE OF CROWD1 PER SHARE????

  16. Johannes Mkhabela

    I have encountered problem with my email last year now have new email how can I get information sent to old email which related to Crowd1 award



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