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NPower.gov.ng | N-Power Job Online Application Portal | How to Apply N-Power Job Online – We are once again please to share with you all the new opportunity which the Federal Government of Nigeria has make possible for all Graduates & Non-graduates Job Availability. The N-Power Online Job Application Portal / website with was Introduced and lunched on Sunday, June 12, 2016 has been receiving large numbers of applicants.

So many people out they will still be asking what N-power is all about: N-Power is a Programme designed by The Federal Government of Nigeria to drastically reduce youth unemployment. In other word The focus of N-Power is to provide our young Graduates and Non-Graduates with the skills, tools and livelihood to enable them advance from unemployment to employment, entrepreneurship and innovation. Below is Video explanation

Courses Available For N-Power Online Job Application

Here are the provided  employment opportunities for 500,000 graduates According to the FG during his speech on N-Power Online job opportunities, and it’s open to all categories of disciplines below;

► Engineering job.
► Teaching job.
► Software developers.
► Hardware service professionals.
► Animators.
► Graphic artists.
► Building services professionals.
► Artisans.
► Agriculture extension advisers.
► Healthcare assistants.
► Civic and adult education instructors in communities across Nigeria.
► Others not mentioned here are the list of job opportunities is not exhaustive.

Please Note that just in case u did not see the Courses or Option, Just try follow the guide on this page, or watch the YouTube video below to understand it better.

N-Power Job Online Application Portal @www.npower.gov.ng

How to Apply Job on N-Power Job Online Application Portal @ www.npower.gov.ng

Here are simple steps to apply for any job of your ability, but first’ All you are expected doing is visit the N-Power Online Job Application Portal / website on  www.npower.gov.ng, to start your application and choose which are you know best for employmentwww.npower.gov.ng | N-Power Job Online Application Portal | How to Apply N-Power Job Online

  • After opening the portal, Click through the various programmes and choose the one that suites you and then click on apply at the bottom of the page.
  • Fill the form carefully and be certain to provide accurate information and documents to support your application.
  • After submitting you will receive an acknowledgement email letter confirming the receipt of the application.
  • After 48hours you will be notified by email and the registration portal whether you are eligible for the N-Power program, if you are unsuccessful you may apply again in subsequent programs.
  • If you are successful you can proceed to the test page at the MY N-POWER PORTAL, you will be required to write two tests; a general skills test and program specific test.
  • Depending on your program there may be a final interview before acceptance into the N-Power program, otherwise you will receive an email confirming your provisional acceptance into the
  • N-Power program.
  • You will have to confirm your acceptance to secure your place.
  • Specific information and program details will now be sent to your email.
  • If at any point you encounter a challenge in filling your form you can send an email to infor@npower.gov.ng

How to Apply N-Power Online Job Application With Youtube Video

Just in case after all this explanation above and you don’t still understand it, here is a YouTube video provided to guide you step by step on how to apply for this npower job opportunity online. Watch and understand every step below

Please note that applications for the Scheme commenced on Sunday June 12 on the portal: www.npower.gov.ng. so Unemployed Nigerians both graduate and non-graduates would be drawn from across the country on state by state basis in the final analysis.

Please feel free to use the COMMENT BOX bellow for any question or Recommendation about N-Power Job Online Application Portal and We will be in touch with you shortly

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